Dear pastor and church:

Receive a greeting in the dear love of our Lord Jesus Christ

It is a privilege for us to share with you our activity report; We appreciate your valuable time taken to address this letter.
God bless you!

By the grace of God, this April 19 we have been six months since we left Mexico, and we arrived at the mission field; there is no doubt that God has been faithful, and we have seen his grace and goodness in this time.

During these six months the Lord has allowed us to guide 18 souls at the feet of Christ; it has not been easy and it is certainly God who has done the work; evangelizing here in Europe becomes a little more complicated, for the simple reason that people’s philosophy leads them not to believe in a living and true God; Glory to God that the Gospel has power and is the same anywhere in the world, and that is how we can also see souls come at the feet of Christ
What a blessing!


On the other hand, a few weeks ago in the church we could have the visit of a Muslim lady she is from Morocco; At first it was a time of great tension, she was in much of the cult, and had to leave earlier because she mentioned that if they saw that she had been in a Christian Baptist Church, she would have a very bad time; that takes our heart a lot, it is sad to see the oppression in which they live and within themselves they look for answers that they have not found in their false religion; help us to pray for her salvation; May God allow us to present the gospel in a better way, since that occasion I did it indirectly during the preaching; because we know and trust that the Word of God does not become empty.


In the same way, on this Sunday, the Lord gave me the opportunity to baptize Sister Odalis, who by the grace of God in March had the privilege of leading her to the feet of Christ, it is certainly a miracle to see souls come at the feet of Christ and not only that but also giving the step of obedience in baptism. Pray for her, my wife and I are discipling her to continue growing spiritually.

«Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; Teaching them to keep all the things that I have commanded you; and behold, I am with you every day, until the end of the world. Amen».
Matthew 28:19-20

Prayer request:
We have two very urgent requests that we want to share with you; we ask you to continue praying for the health of our daughter Sharon, for the grace of God is improving, but we pray that you continue to intercede for her;

On the other hand we want to ask for your prayers since we have until Friday (Two days) to leave the apartment where we are living; we are already packing and preparing everything; since on Sunday come the people who will occupy the floor where we are. We have already found another floor, the problem is that they ask us to enter two months of bail and one month of rent; it’s as if we paid three months of rent (1650 Euros).

By the grace of God we have two months, and we want to ask for your prayers that God can supply us with one more month, to close the deal and be able to change our floor; If you can help us in this need, please contact us; It will be a blessing.

Beloved brothers thank you very much for having part in our ministry both prayerfully and financially; know that all the effort you make is reflected in saved souls coming at the feet of Christ, and it is fruit that abounds to your account. God bless you.

For the sake of Christ
Miguel, Gaby & Sharon Castañeda
Serving God on the France-Spain border
2 Corinthians 5:20