Dear pastor and church

First of all we hope in God that you have spent an excellent end of the year in the company of the Church and his loved ones, we want to wish you a very happy and blessed in the year 2018.

It is a privilege for us to share our report with you.

During these weeks, we have been very busy, in different activities in the church. By the grace of God we have had a very good adaptation, God has been good with us; One of the most difficult situations has been to adapt to the climate, since all the time we are at temperatures under 0, and with a lot of snow. We have already been sick due to the weather that is extremely cold; But thank God for his care and despite this situation we can be serving and doing our part to carry out the gospel.

The Missionary Work:

During this month God has given me the opportunity to teach in the Church at the height of the Missionary Work, and I give the Glory and Honor to God because the brothers have been very receptive and are together with us giving to the missionary work. We have been able to send different offerings to missionaries in different parts of the world; What a great blessing. This is just a tangible sign that wherever we are, we can have a part in the missionary work, and thus contribute so that others also share and go this beautiful message of Salvation.

On the other hand my wife is teaching some classes to the ladies of the church; and we give thanks to God because I see that many people have committed to having a missionary urn, when they deposit special offerings for the wives of our missionaries; Glory to God.


Also during this month, God has allowed us to have a couple of visits in the church, this encourages us to continue doing the work of God; We ask for your prayers so that God may continue giving us his grace, and we be able to share the message of salvation.

End of the year:

Thank God on December 24 we could have the regular church service and make a small meal after the service; and on December 31 you can also celebrate a New Year’s Eve celebration, and we took dinner to church and had an excellent time in the company of the brothers, and most of all we started the year in prayer, it was a time of great blessing.

This year in which many of us have plans, so we pray that God supply every need, and above all we recieve the grace to continue serving you in the best way.

Thank you very much beloved church for continuing to hold the rope in our ministry, and above all for your prayers, are a great blessing for us, we are very grateful, and above all that you have a part in this ministry and is a fruit that abounds to your account.