By the grace of God I came to church at the age of 7, but it was until I was 16 when I received Christ in my Heart, as my only and sufficient Savior; This was in March 2004, 15 days after my baptism.

So I was growing in my church, «El Calvario Baptist Church» Pastor: José Ángel Aranday. In 2006 the Lord called me to serve him full time, I still did not know in what area, or where, but I knew God wanted to use my life in some area of the ministry, in 2009 I went to be study in the Bible Seminary in the city of San Luis Potosí, «Biblical Baptist College of Superior Studies of SLP». It was there I studied theology and ministerial music. By the grace of God, I graduate in 2013 .

During that time of preparation, God was putting in my heart the Country of France, where in each chapel, classes, conferences and specific classes of Missions, God reaffirmed every day more about this place; We were in constant prayer, both my Shepherd and my Family, and God was guiding and directing my call to the Country of France.

Personally, God put a verse in my heart in which I confirm my call,   2 Corintios 5:20

I worked in my church in some areas like:

At the time of my search I also made two trips abroad, and I work here in the city of Irapuato Gto. At the beginning of the Iglesia Cristiana Bautista Fuente de Agua Viva «where I collaborate for a full year, in 2012 the privilege of going to the Country of Costa Rica and collaborating in the lifting of a work, I stayed for months in that country; in 2013 travel to the Country of Peru to the city of Trujillo and likewise stays there for the months in the beginning of a work in this country.

At the moment we have not found a churches to obtain our economic support and to be able to arrive at the Country of France and to do the work of God in that place; in 2014 make a reconnaissance trip to the Country of France, where it stays for two months, and knows some cities, with the purpose of knowing what place to arrive when they establish in that country; and by the grace of God in 2016 we were able to return to France for a period of three months, supporting a work on France.

He has certainly seen the hand of God and I know that he continues to do his work.

Testimony of sister Gaby Castañeda:

I belong to the Monte Abarim Baptist Church in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, Founding Pastor Mike Patterson in the church that pastored the church, his son Billy Patterson grew up in the church, left in 2000 for my Sunday school teacher and baptized the following year , I had the opportunity to study in a Christian school, my primary studies and from the age of 8 years had the desire to be a missionary, over time in 2006 at that time, as I already had idea to finish a career.

But when I finished high school, I could no longer fight with God and I surrendered my life to serve him full time without knowing in what area. Between the biblical college of higher education in San Luis Potosí under the leadership of Pastor Luis Ramos in 2008, I concluded in 2012.

When I graduated, I was serving in my local church, Christian school, ministry of routes, Sunday school, the princess club and supporting the youth area, three years later I married in 2015, with my now husband Miguel Eduardo Castañeda Ramírez who is missionaries to the country of France, we are in our time of deputation to be soon in the field that God called us in the year 2016 added to the family our first born Sharon Noemí Castañeda Garci’a who was born the 14 of December 2016.